Brooklyn-bred rapper 2 Milly started a worldwide movement with his 2015 song "Milly Rock." Now, the up-and-comer delivers a new banger called "Sertifed" featuring DJ J Willz and Stackz Official.

The three-minute, 40-second track is full of energy and contains a head-bobber of a beat courtesy of Bravestarr, who hails from Richmond, Va. "So serti, all my moves are sturdy/Know my cup is dirty," Stackz Official spits on the hook.

2 Milly says the track was in fact inspired by Stackz Official. "He rocks wit the dance vibe-type tracks and came with the hook," he tells XXL. "It was bananas! ‘Team Sertie, watch me move sturdy.’ I heard that and went crazy. He like, ‘Yo, it’s yours. Let’s do it.’ And along with some help from DJ J Willz we made it happen.”"

The New York native says "Sertifed" will appear on an upcoming collaboration mixtape with Stackz. 2 Milly also tells XXL about his plans for a big 2017.

"As far as 2017, I’m planning a crazy takeover introducing my second major mixtape, OnlyTheSturdySurvive, which drops Feb. 26, my bday," 2 Milly says. "Nonetheless, better music, better vibes, more money. Turn up and stay sturdy."

Stay tuned for 2 Milly's upcoming project OnlyTheSturdySurvive. Until then, you can vibe to "Sertified" above via SoundCloud.

In case you missed it, you can check out 2 Milly's interview for XXL's The Break right here.

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