Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper 2 Milly burst onto the scene in 2015, with his infectious dance craze and song "Milly Rock." But this isn't a whip and nae nae kind of fad; before Milly was rocking from block to block, he was putting in that work in the Bed Stuy streets. In a new documentary titled Welcome 2 Millyville, the on-the-rise rapper details how he came up with his trademark dance and how it spread throughout all of hip-hop.

The 40-minute doc, premiering on XXL today (Feb. 26), shows how Milly was able to take his dance and movement from hopping on top of cars in Brooklyn on Spike Lee Day to rocking the Barclays Center stage or joining Travis Scott at Summer Jam. Directed by King Content, a bulk of the footage is from 2015.

"I don’t look at other people that’s already up," Milly shares. "I look at us that’s down that’s tryna make it out. So that gives me the spirit and the energy to do the same thing."

With cameos from Joey Bada$$ and more, the doc serves more as an extended introduction to 2 Milly and his affiliates rather than a biography. For those who may only know the song in passing or have familiarity with the dance, 2 Milly sets the record straight that his foray into rap is more than a passing phase. 

"I really make music and it’s not only Milly Rock," he says. "The people that actually want to buy your music, I know what they want to hear. And then I think about, will this elderly woman allow her child to play this type of music in her house? Well I don’t want to make that song. Let me make something that the elderly is going to allow. So I break it down like that."

Watch the documentary above and listen to what 2 Milly has to say about the world of sports in our Ante Up podcast below.

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