Sometimes a song and a dance align with each other so perfectly that they feel like they were created by a pop culture mad scientist. In actuality, “Milly Rock” is the brainchild of a 25-year-old rapper named 2 Milly. He and his Brooklyn friends were doing the dance long before he even had the idea to make a song based on it.

“We really was doing that dance for so long, and people was telling me, ‘Yo, why you don’t put a video and do a song for the dance,’ but the dance never had a name until recently,” 2 Milly tells XXL. “So I thought about it. How can I get into the hip-hop game and what’s the fastest way? So I’m like, Alright, I’ve got the Milly Rock. I’ve got the dance. My name is 2 Milly, you rocking side to side, might as well call it ‘Milly Rock.’ Put the vid to it, then it just was like …” We'll finish his sentence. Magic.

Milly Rock was everywhere, but 2 Milly doesn’t plan to live in the past. The Brooklyn MC believes his stylistic versatility and his “sturdiness” will help him stay in the rap game for a long time, and if his plan works, he could be right. Here’s why you should get to know him.

Age: 25

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.

I grew up listening to: “When I was younger I always was a fan of Biggie and Jay Z, of course … and Fabolous. But I used to listen to Lloyd Banks a lot. When I was younger I used to listen to a lot of Lloyd Banks. He was like, kinda the hardest, one of the hardest out, as far as lyrics-wise.

“I recorded my first track when I was like 13. So I really didn’t take it serious back then, but everybody always said like, 'Yo, you nice boy, you should really stick with this.' I always recorded but I didn’t take it serious.”

My style’s been compared to: “I got a couple of DMX’s … as far as energy-wise.”

Most people don’t know: “I don’t know … just that I’m just laid-back. Some people think that, just with the 'Milly Rock' how I be wyling. They think I'm like that all the time but sometimes I get into my mode where I just don’t even speak … I just be quiet.”

My standout records or moments to date have been: “Summer Jam. I’ve never went to Summer Jam in my life until we performed on the stage. We made like a kinda vow to ourselves, ‘Man, we ain’t never going to Summer Jam to watch nobody else, man. When we go to Summer Jam people gon’ watch us.’ And we really stuck to that and it finally came so, that was like one of the biggest dreams to me."

My goal in hip-hop is: “I want a lot of platinum hits … just longevity. You know some people come and they go, some people have one or two. But I ain’t looking for that.”

I’m going to be the next: “I’m gonna be the next sturdy star. Everybody ain’t sturdy, everybody ain’t well put together. It’s stars that’s just stars, but they not really sturdy. When I say sturdy, sturdy got a lot of different definitions. I could say ‘Yo, you driving, you swerving on the lane, driving on the line boy, sturdy up.’ That means like, straighten up. Or, ‘Yo, your milly rock is ugly man, sturdy up.’ Feel me? So, when I say ‘the sturdiest,’ I’m trying to be the most well put together artist.”

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