Indiana Pacers guard Victor Oladipo links up with 2 Chainz for new song “Rope a Dope" off the NBA star's Songs For You EP that drops Oct. 6. Oladipo, although known for his skills on the court, he is actually a pretty talented singer.

For “Rope a Dope," the artists respond to President Trump's attack on athletes who have been kneeling during the National Anthem.

"I wanted to address what was going on and bring awareness to it, but in a positive manner," Victor says through email. "I want people to feel inspired and motivated to be great, and to stand up and have confidence. We need to come together as a country to deal with these problems. We aren't going to solve anything unless we're united."

Last week, President Donald Trump sparked controversy when he insinuated that NFL owners should fire players for protesting the American Flag immediately.

Listen to "Rope a Dope" below.

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