This past week has been dominated with headlines surrounding the news of Lil Wayne's most recent seizures. While the YMCMB impresario has since reportedly been released from the hospital and has fully recovered from his medical crisis, Weezy isn't the only emcee to have endured a medical emergency. Now, from Tone Loc to Nas, XXL presents a list of 15 emcees who recently suffered health crises.

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Tone Loc - May 29, 2009; December 13, 2010; June 15, 2012; August 13, 2012; March 16, 2013

The "Wild Thing" rapper has made numerous headlines over the past three years for his multiple bouts with exhaustion and seizures. Most recently, Loc collapsed on an Iowa stage from and apparent seizure, making it his fifth major health incident involving a seizure.


Jae Millz - Circa 2010

Lil Wayne isn't the only YMCMB rapper to suffer a seizure; in an interview with DJ Vlad dated to April 9, 2010, Jae Millz explained that he suffered a near-fatal seizure in his sleep. This seizure - the second he endured in 2010 - played inspiration for his upcoming debut with Cash Money "Nothing is Promised."


Guru of Gang Starr - February 28, 2010; April 19, 2010

In February 2010, Guru of Gang Starr fame suffered cardiac arrest and subsequently fell into a coma. Later that year on April 19, Guru passed away from complications from cancer after having been diagnosed with Anoxia.


DJ Kool Herc - January 30, 2011

In 2011, DJ Premier revealed that hip-hop pioneer DJ Kool Herc was suffering from a serious illness and lacked the proper insurance to cover his medical bills. It was later revealed that Herc was suffering from kidney stones.


Akrobatik - May 12, 2011

Boston emcees Mr. Lif and Edo G reported that the Perceptionists alum and fellow Beantown native Akrobatik suffered a heart attack in mid-2011. The "Ruff Enough" rapper quickly rebounded from the incident following open heart surgery the next day.


Rhymefest - June 2, 2011

Chicago rapper Rhymefest checked himself into a hospital, where it was revealed that he had been unknowingly suffering from Type 2 Diabetes for a number of years. At the time of the incident, the rapper's sugar level was found to be 739 mg/dL, putting him at major risk of a diabetic coma.


Kid Frost - October 12, 2011

Los Angeles veteran Kid Frost was hospitalized in October 2011 after suffering a mild stroke. The former Ruthless Records signee revealed that the stroke was brought on by complications from diabetes.


Rick Ross - October 14, 2011

Before Lil Wayne suffered his first seizure, Rick Ross had two seizures while traveling to Tennessee for a performance. He explained that the incident was caused by sleep deprivation, having not slept more than eights hours in a single night since 2006.


Erick Sermon - November 12, 2011

Longtime EPMD associate DJ Scratch revealed that Erick Sermon has suffered a heart attack in late 2011. According to the Green Eyed Bandit himself, the heart attack was a direct result of his high blood pressure.


Nick Cannon - January 4, 2012; Februrary 17, 2012

In early 2012, Nick Cannon was hospitalized two times, the first time for mild kidney failure and the second time for blood clots in his lungs. The following May, Cannon revealed that he had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease similar to Lupus.


DMX - January 25, 2012

The Dark Man X found himself in the emergency room in early 2012 after suffering from violent food poisoning. According to reports, the Ruff Ryders emcee ingested tainted shrimp, causing him to become seriously ill during a flight.


Yelawolf - March 2, 2012

Yelawolf's on-stage antics took a turn for the worse when the Interscope rapper suffered a ruptured spleen while stage diving. Ultimately, the injury forced the rapper to cancel a portion of his tour and push back the recording of his sophomore album Love Story.


50 Cent - May 16, 2012

In one of the more bizarre incidents, 50 Cent was hospitalized last year for apparently consuming tainted meat. Although the G-Unit general bounced back quickly, it did prompt some ribbing from Eminem, who told the rapper, "Yo Fif, you were shot nine times man if you die over a burger, this shit ain't gonna go right."


P.O.S - October 19, 2012

Minnesota indie rapper P.O.S announced to his fans last year that he was forced to cancel his national tour due to kidney failure resulting from excessive scarring on his kidneys. As of January 2013, however, P.O.S was expecting to receive a kidney transplant.


Nas - January 11, 2013

Nas suffered a minor scare in the first month of 2013 when he was rushed to the ER with vertigo, a motion-based disorder in which a patient experiences dizziness or a disproportionate sense of balance. He was released shortly after being admitted.