Body art & rappers go together like peanut chocolate and jelly. Rappers love getting tattoos more than they love some of their own albums. It is not rare to see rappers these days with more tattoos on their body than uncovered skin.

Unfortunately, a love of body art can also lead to some particularly unfortunate decisions on what to cover your body in. When you combine that with heavy drug use and lack of people willingly to tell you "that's a bad idea, bro," situations can be rife for a potentially poor decision when it comes to tattooing something over your body.

While we certainly understand how it can happen that does not mean we can just it let go unnoticed. Today, Drake had a very interesting new tattoo that is starting to make headlines. So XXL has compiled 15 of the most unfortunate hip-hop celebrities tattoos in a gallery of shame that should serve warning that you should probably think before you etch your body in ink.


Drake's Father Mini Portrait Tattoo

Drake and his dad, Dennis Graham are pretty close. So close that Drizzy went to Mark Mahoney’s Shamrock Social Club and got a mini portrait of his mugshot. Awesome.


Drake's Aaliyah Back Tattoo

It's well known that Drake has a certain admiration for deceased R&B superstar, Aaliyah. It's still probably not a good idea fo him to tattoo the singer on his back no matter how much love he's showing.

Note: Is that Jim Croce?


Gucci Mane's Ice Cream Cone

While tattooing a giant ice cream cone with lightning bolts on his face isn't the worst decision of Gucci's life, it certainly begs the question on what potentially toxic pharmaceutical combination that Gucci was on when he decided this was good idea.

Women Can’t Do What Men Do

Game's Ever-Changing Facial Tattoo

For reasons undetermined, Game decided that he wanted to etch a butterfly into his face at one time. Soon, he realized this was probably not the best idea for a gangster rapper so he decided to ink a tribute to "L.A." over. Not satisfied with that, he soon decided to etch a giant red star behind it. Who knows how long that tattoo will continue to metastasize on his face for?

Lil B “Look Like Jesus”


Lil B's Rolling Stones Logo

As evidenced by the photo above, Lil B seems very proud of his neck tattoos. I'm not sure why because it looks like somebody did a very poor job tattooing the Rolling Stones logo onto his neck.


Birdman's Red Star Head

Birdman is apparently joining the Communist Party.


Chris Brown's Unfortunate Neck Tattoo

Although, reports that Chris Brown had tattooed a photo of Rihanna's mangled face proved to be false, it's prooooooooooobably not a good idea to do anything that reminds people of the most infamous moment of your career.


Yung L.A.'s Duct Tape Tattoo

Who wouldn't want to tattoo Gizmoduck on your neck?


Yung L.A...Again

Apparently, he didn't learn his lesson. Gizmoduck was cooler.



Yelawolf's Slumamerican Forehead Tattoo

Honestly, it's kind of evokes Frankenstein in way, don't you think?



RiFF RaFF's Viacom Logos

While you have to admire Mr. Highroller's desire to pimp his body out to Corporate America, I imagine it's going to be a pretty awkward conversation when Grandpa RiFF has to explain to his grandchildren what an "MTV" is?

Gunplay back tattoos

Gunplay's Neck Swastika

Moving on...


Jermaine Dupri's Janet Jackson Tattoo

No, seriously. You tattooed your ex-girlfriend as the Virgin Mary on your abdomen? That's probably not going to win her back.


Nas' Tattoo Of Kelis On His Arm

I don't want to be too critical because Nas has brought me so much joy to my life but I don't know, man. I know she was your wife and an international pop superstar when you did this but it's still kind of tacky to have an artist ink your wife nude on your arm. So...maybe 50 Cent was right?


Bizarre From D12's Nicki Minaj Tattoo

This is pretty much nightmare fuel. Run, Nicki, Run!


Lil Wayne


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