Tomorrow is a day of indulgence...

Thanksgiving might be an occasion to reflect on the many blessings in your life but  it also a day to eat until your stomach implodes from within. On this Day of Days, Americans temporarily forget about their diets, loosen up their belts a notch and cram enough gravy-soaked food product to devolve in a gelatinous brown liquid.

On Friday, Americans happily wake up from our food comas to find that our indulgence has our bodies tipping the scales a little bit. With winter coming and the nonjudgmental cocoon of frumpy sweaters to hide our Thanksgiving bellies, it is tempting to simply let things go a bit and fall of the wagon in terms of our diet.'

XXL does not want that to happen to you. In recent years. hip-hop has started to embrace healthy living and rappers have undergone dramatic weight loss as they begin to diet and exercise properly. As motivation to shed that Thanksgiving weight, here are 10 rappers that have lost weight.

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