Zoey Dollaz taps Lil Wayne for the remix of his track, "Mula."

The OG version, sans Tunechi, appeared on Zoey's latest mixtape, Ma'p Boule, which dropped last July. The new edition features the same bumping Ricky Remedy beat, and the same verses from Zoey as its predecessor.

Wayne catches wreck on the remix. Taking on the third verse, the Young Money rapper spits. "I cheated on my girl with a bitch named Mula/Mula on my mind, on my mind, brain tumor/So addicted to her, faithful and restricted to her/I know she been around but a lot of niggas blew her/I'ma take good care of her/Make sure you aware of her/Put her on the table, break her down like a skeleton/Sippin' on the gelatin/Smokin' on the melatin/It's just me and my girlfriend, Makaveli-in.'"

Zoey has big plans for 2018, which include dropping his debut album. "I'm 80 percent [done], but I really wanna be in my zone and go away for a month and come back with a whole new regime of records," he told XXL in October. "’Cause I got records to make an album right now, two albums, but I really wanna focus on the title and the direction, and the mood I'm in. I want people to relate to it. I want it to connect with people. I don't just want it to be a fast social media vibe and hype off my buzz. I want people to really connect. I want that album to change people and stuff."

Listen to Zoey Dollaz and Lil Wayne's "Mula (Remix)" below.


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