ZelooperZ released a new single today (Feb. 19) called "Elevators" from his forthcoming album Bothic. The track is a banger, instantly lighting a fire underneath any dull situation you're in. It's a loud, heart pounding record that isn't for the faint of heart. Repeatedly scream "up and down" on the hook like a drill sergeant, "Elevators" will a fan favorite. The song is produced by Black Noi$e. ZelooperZ will be playing a release show at Loving Touch today in Detroit and the Ham on Everything party with Makonnen in L.A. Feb. 20. Check the link below for "Elevators."

With the release of his breakout single and video for "ISBD" the Detroit native has been making a lot of noise leading up to his forthcoming album. Signed to Danny Brown‘s Bruiser Brigade Records, Zee is known for his aggressive style and unorthodox flow plus his love for art.

XXL spoke with ZelooperZ for “The Break” section and the young rapper told us that his first love is painting. “I am an artist first. That’s what I do. I love art. I’ve been painting since I was a kid. Music is kind of my second love. I started drawing as a kid like [in] elementary school. When I got into high school, I started painting. I mostly do everything like art. I got into music by just growing up in a household with all different types of music playing, it kind of stuck with you. We used to freestyle in the kitchen [and during] dinnertime. It was like a musical household and I always liked rhyming.”

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