Chicago's own Z Money comes through with the remix to his Chiraq Mogul single "Apart of Trappin'" with Bandhunta Izzy. XXL's got the premiere.

In the remix, both rappers go in on the introductory track to Z Money's most recent project, which dropped via 1017 Eskimo/Alamo Records back in August. Produced by Lil Mexico Beatz, Z Money emphasizes his daily grind while flexing in a soft-spoken, but hard-body verse.

"Big F&N with the big wheels, big kicks, stand on the block, sellin' rock with a big sig," Z Money raps. "I don't really care what it cost, I'ma go big, just popped, feel it, just wait on it to kick in."

Bandhunta Izzy, who hails from Baltimore but is heavily influenced by Chicago's drill scene, hops on the remix by bouncing off Z Money's unique cadence before slowly building up to his own high-octane verse.

"Z Money, you that my big brother/He say the word," Izzy spits. "I'm clappin'/I done came a long way from trappin'/Put dough right in my mattress."

Speaking to XXL about the remix, Z Money explains that the song is representative of the mindset in traps around the world. "The song is a reminder of what goes on in the trap!" Z Money told XXL. "From Chicago to Baltimore to Europe, it's a constant operation. The end goal is always the same."

Z Money's new collab was an organic one that came from his friendship with Bandhunta. "Izzy is one of my partners I've always fucked with," Z Money says. "This is one of many songs we've worked on and our shit is ready to go up for 2019."

Z Money also has some big plans for the rest of this year and beyond. "I’m releasing a project that's coming out before the year ends, working on the 1017's Eskimos mixtape that’s coming out in 2019," Z Money reveals. "Shit is gonna be crazy!"

Listen to Z Money Bandhunta and Bandhunta Izzy on the remix to "Apart of Trappin'" below.

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