Life is coming at Yuri Joness fast. The Columbia Records signee is still buzzing off the success of his 2017 viral single “Same Dude,” and with his new cut, “Same Shit,” Yuri proves his newfound fame hasn’t changed his humble persona. XXL has the exclusive premiere of the new song.

With “Same Shit,” Yuri Joness showcases his rhyming skills while remaining modest over the mellow BirdieBands production. “The song is just me thinking out loud,” Yuri tells XXL. “Even with all that’s happened, I still remained the same person mentally. Still the same person doing the ‘same shit.’ Still copping Arizonas and Backwoods at the same gas station; still around the same circle of friends and all.”

Yuri displays a relaxed delivery on “Same Shit” while his flow is in perfect harmony with the beat. "I be in the hood, different day, same shit/I'ma fuck this girl, I don't care what her name is/Shawty on my dick ’cause she think I'm famous/And I just feel like everyone around me changin'/And I ain't changin'," he delivers.

The cover art for “Same Shit” noticeably features the rapper illustrated sitting in front a dog. Last month, Yuri shared his love for dogs with XXL during his interview for The Break.

According to Yuri, "Same Shit" is “Same Dude” part 2." I wanted people to know that I’m still the same person doing the 'same shit' and that I’m nowhere near where I want to be or where people expected me to be," the Amityville, N.Y. shares.

These days, the rap newbie is focused on pushing out new tracks and visuals, providing easy, upbeat listens with tracks like “G-Star & Bape” and “Everybody Be Like.” Hopefully this means a complete project is coming this year. "My plan for 2018 is to take my music to the next level," Yuri explains. "I want to build up my name and brand—performing live more, even more time in the studio, being out more, releasing more music. I’m finishing up my debut album, I’m literally in the studio working as we speak. I'd also like to do more work overseas, go tour here but also abroad."

While we wait for his debut album, listen to Yuri Joness' “Same Shit” below. The track is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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