Yung Mal and Lil Quill are two long time friends who found themselves on the radar of  Gucci Mane, the trap rap legend and talent finder. Soon after, they were signed to his 1017 Eskimo Records and kept on working. Today, they share the new video for their song 'What's Happening." The track will appear on their upcoming project, Blessed Lil Bastards 3.

The Juddyremixedem and TopGwapFilms-shot video is fly, with Mal and Quill stunting around a nice house. The beautiful women filter in and the rapper duo show off luxury cars, the spoils of the rapper lifestyle. According to Mal and Quill, aimed to bring fans of the energy of another city. "The 'What's Happening' video was inspired by us vibing out in L.A. working on music," they said. "Wanted to bring that energy to the fans."

Yung Mal's verse comes first. "I had to stay down with Quill, now look at this shit, we done got rich/We used to be jumping the fence, but now we jumpin' the line, go straight to the VIP," he spits, remembering just how far he and his friend have come. "I rock Burberry, my life so Gucci, don't wanna get married/And I got all this ice on me, Givenchy hold my pants up."

Quill doesn't slouch at all when it's his turn, using a sped-up flow. "Double G on my pillow, it's comfy/Strapped, better not think about jumping," he threatens. "Pull up in the Ghost, I'm hunting, stunting/Pull up with your bitch, in her auntie car."

Up next for the duo? "Blessed Lil Bastards 3 is on the way," they shared to us. "After we drop that tape, we're gonna be working on solo projects next for 2019."

Watch the "What's Happening" video below.

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