Yung Lean is putting the finishing touches on his Poison Ivy mixtape. The Swedish rapper plans on dropping the project on Nov 2. On Tuesday (Oct. 30), we get the tape's tracklist.

The "Hunting My Own Skin" artist will come through with eight songs on his new offering. This is the follow-up to his Stranger album, which came out last November and featured the single "Metallic Intuition."

We also get the video for the Poison Ivy track "Happy Feet." The visual is co-directed by Marcus Söderlund and Jonatan Leandoer Håstad. In it, the rapper spits what what looks like an abandoned circus. "I be draped in Bur-Burberry/Late nights like the cemetery," he raps on the chorus. "Walking dead, look like F-Freddy/Cherry color painted Chevy/Draped in blood now, super scary/Got magic like I'm Ha-Harry/Dark magician, you a fairy/Hummer yellow, birds like Larry."

Despite the name, the track sounds anything by happy and has very somber feel. "I go too far like Jim-Jim Carrey/Killed them, it was necessary," he rhymes during the verse. "I don't wanna get too heavy/Have her one night, bet you wanna marry/I'm off some shrooms in a place where you cannot be/Three jellyfish in a dungeon where reptiles be."

Check out Yung Lean's Poison Ivy mixtape tracklist and "Happy Feet" video below.

Yung Lean's Poison Ivy Tracklist

1. "Happy Feet"
2. "Friday the 13th"
3. "French Hotel"
4. "Silicon Wings"
5. "Ropeman"
6. "Trashy"
7. "Sauron"
8. "Bender++Girlfriend"


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