Rapper Young Vito, the man accused of killing Waka Flocka Flame Brick Squad affiliate Slim Dunkin, was denied bond Tuesday (January 10) in a Fulton Court, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Vito, born Vinson Hardimon, is a suspect in the fatal shooting of Atlanta spitter Slim Dunkin, whose real name is Mario Hamilton. Slim was killed on December 16 in an Atlanta recording studio after a fight, allegedly over a piece of candy, ensued.

The 28-year-old murder suspect was returned to the Fulton County jail on muder and gun possession charges on Tuesday following probable cause and bond hearings.

Atlanta Police homicide Detective David Quinn told the paper that he not only has the testimony of two witnesses, but also evidence (Vito's laptop which was found at the studio and his name was written on a dry-erase board there as well with the words "next up to rap" written next to it) that tie the suspect to the crime scene.

Young Vito has been arrested at least four times in Fulton County, dating back to 2004 on charges that included some kind of gun violation, according to jail records. His most recent arrest, in April 2011, was for aggravated assault, cruelty to children and gun offenses. —Gina Montana

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