Atlanta's own Zuse drops "Plug Is Latino" featuring Young Thug off his upcoming Trap Zuse mixtape. This record is a certified street banger. The Jamaican-born spitta takes the first verse and spits bars about where he gets his product. "My plug is Latino, gettin' bricks from Mehico/I stack my Doritos, you know my pockets on R.I.C.O/Call me gordito, my whip: amarillo/Rozay, ropo, ridin' 'round with my negros," he raps. Thugga comes in to finish the song, "Buurr, bur, ha!, yeah, I got birds chipin'/Yeah, I started with nicks now all of my pockets workin'/Puttin' on with the key, no way/On a high speed chase, they askin', too late."

Trap Zuse drops tomorrow and includes 12 original tracks plus appearances from Young Thug, Chip and London Jae!. Till that comes out, listen to "Plug Is Latino" above.