Fans have been craving Young Thug's Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girlsa singing project— since the Atlanta rapper tweeted about it and uploaded a tantalizing preview onto Instagram a few weeks ago. Today (May 22), the tantalizing continued as Thugger uploaded another preview. It sounds even better than the first one.

The new clip sees Thugger riding in bumping his new track as he slides down the road in his whip without a care in the world. From the sounds of it, he's singing over guitar with what sounds like a more heavy, exaggerated southern drawl—maybe one reminiscent of a country singer. Seriously, Thugger basically made a country song, and it sounds incredible.

Still, there's no telling when Thugger's new project will arrive. He claimed he'd be dropping it in one week's time about a month ago, but clearly that time frame is past. In a recent interview with Genius Alex Tumay, who works extensively with Thugger, said they'd recorded and scrapped "dozens of songs" for E.B.B.T.G. and talked about Thug recording a 24-bar verse where he rapped like Kendrick Lamar. All pretty insane revelations, to say the least.

In any case, there's no release date for the project in sight, but we honestly hope it drops as soon as possible.

You can peep Thugger's dope new preview in the video below.

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