Last week, Young Thug faced criticism for his poor treatment of airline workers. Now, it seems Thugger's mom has made him go back to the airport and apologize.

Apparently, even rap superstars get embarrassed by their parents every now and then. The JEFFERY artist took to Instagram today (Dec. 13) and posted a photo, seen above, from the airport with the caption, "When your mama make u go to the airport and apologize 😔😞 sorry love ones...."

In the original video that causes a stir on the Internet, the Atlanta rapper is seen arguing with airline employees before offering them money to quit their jobs. “I’ll give y’all bum ass hoes $15,000 to quit your job,” Young Thug says before pulling out some cash. “I’m giving y’all bums one more chance.”

Thugger also got bashed for for calling the airline workers' hair “nappy” and saying they look like “Africans.”

In the caption of the post, Young Thug claimed the airline workers were going to make him miss his show. It’s not exactly clear what the holdup was, but Thugger was still in possession of his bags. “THIS IS Y I RIDE SIGNATURE JETS,” he wrote. “THEY TRYIN TO MAKE ME MISS MY SHOW!!!”

In other Thugger-related news, the "Stoner" rapper recently did an interview with Paper Magazine in which he discussed his desire to help fight poverty in his hometown. “I think people only care about what affects them. It’s selfish, but I think it’s the truth,” he says. “If they are not affected by being poor, they don’t typically fight for it. I remember not having anything, so I want to always stay involved. Whenever I go back to my side of town – Cleveland Ave – I know I have to bring money... My fiancée always says I look like Santa Claus, because I’m just giving everyone something.”

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