Kevin Gates received some tough news last week (April 26), as the Baton Rouge rapper was sentenced to 30 months for a gun charge in Illinois immediately following a six-month stint in Florida. The hip-hop community has been speaking out on his sentencing, with many of his close industry friends sharing some sentimental words. Young Thug posted the most recent mug shot of Gates to Instagram, writing a heartfelt caption where he referred to the MC as the "other Max B."

"Free the other #maxB. Fuck the law. Very genuine fuck," Thug wrote in the caption.

Some might take offense to the comparison, but both rappers started as local heroes—Max's profile growing throughout New York after departing from Dipset, Gates becoming a national star after being a Baton Rouge phenomenon for years. Add the fact that both Gates and Max have a melodic, sing-songy style, and the comparison starts to make a bit of sense.

If you recall, Gates had a warrant out for his arrest for a gun charge immediately following his release from the Florida correctional facility, where he completed his previous 6-month sentencing. He quickly turned himself into Illinois authorities, and was given an official sentencing last week. He is currently completing his bid in the state of Illinois.

Max B is currently serving time in East Jersey State Prison. Originally sentenced to 75 years behind bars, his sentence was later commuted and he's now expected to come home much sooner.

See Thugger's IG pic below showing love to Max and Gates.

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