Video of Young Thug's jail cell being searched for contraband in 2022 has surfaced online.

Young Thug's Jail Cell Searched

On Monday (Jan. 29), bodycam video that shows Young Thug's jail cell at the Cobb County Jail in Georgia being searched by a corrections officer. In the video, which can be seen below, the officer enters the cell and first begins to search through the rapper's bed. They look under his mattresses, where they come across several books and newspapers including The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. The person then looks through Thugger's toilet tissue. The video then pans to show dozens of photos on the wall. One of them, shows a picture of the rapper with his former girlfriend Jerrika Karlae. There are others that show his current girlfriend Mariah The Scientist.

It is unclear what was the reason for the search. XXL has reached out to Young Thug's attorney and the Cobb County Sheriff's Office for comment.

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Young Thug Jail Phone Call Leaks

The new video comes on the heels of video of a jail phone call between Young Thug and Mariah The Scientist leaking online last week. Drake called out the judge in the Young Thug YSL trial, Judge Ural Glanville, for the leak.

"This gotta be some form of jail misconduct," Drake wrote in a post on his Instagram Story. "You gonna drag this talented man then not be able to control your employees using his personal business for their own gain. Somebody benefited from this video even existing and that's shameful. Whole case is a wash. Just 3 the guy and let him come home and continue bringing light to Atlanta."

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Check out bodycam video of Young Thug's jail cell being searched for contraband below.

Watch Video of Young Thug's Jail Cell Being Searched

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