Lil Yachty will be joining Young Thug on tour.

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Young Thug fans can rejoice! It looks like his major label debut is right around the corner. After countless tracks and mixtapes Thugga nation has been patiently waiting for nearly a year for him to drop HiTunes, his official major label LP. The album must be on its way now because he just released an promo video officially announcing the HiTunes tour.

In the promo clip, Thugga is on a black stallion rocking a black hoodie and red lensed-sunglasses. He pulls up to a theater’s red carpet and posts up under the marquee which reveals the U.S. tour dates from May 1-26. The video comes just days after Cohen shared a video on his Snapchat account which previewed new tracks from the “Fuck Cancer” rhymer.

Since Thugga signed from Atlantic Records and shifted to 300 with Kevin Liles, Lyor Cohen and Todd Moscowitz, the transition pushed his album date back. But that hasn’t stopped him from feeding his fans with music. He dropped his latest I’m Up, which features standouts like “F Cancer” and “King TROUP,” last month. After his girlfriends Instagram account was hacked in demand for the release of the third installment of his Slime Season mixtape series, Thugga announced a release date for that project as well. He took an unusual marketing approach at SXSW when a black casket was paraded around 6th street revealing that SS3 is dropping on March 25.

HiTunes tickets will be available for purchase this Friday, March 25, and you can head over to Year of the Thug to find out more info, but at least fans know when it's coming. No hacking required.

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