Young Scooter and Young Dolph's trap rap chemistry is so good the rappers have decided to collab on a full-length mixtape. They recently dropped the first single off the forthcoming project "Count Up."

Zaytoven, who has been a very busy man recently, is at he helm on this one providing his signature hi-hats and deep 808s. Scooter and Dolph are all about that pack talk, with the two MCs spitting about their tenure a prosperity in the trap. "Got your baby mama on the road with pounds in her Corolla / Got your little sister at my trap mixing syrup with my soda / Got your big bruh calling, bagging meter for the pack / Got the plug on three-way, I told that nigga "run it back," Dolph rhymes on the first verse.

Scooter and Dolph's new project is tentatively titled Black Migo Paper Route. The project is scheduled to drop in July.

Dolph dropped his most recent mixtape Bosses and Shooters last month. Scooter's last project Street Lottery 3 came out in April.

Scooter has enjoyed a thriving underground buzz but has yet to break the mainstream following his 2012 hit "Columbia." He has put out 13 mixtapes since 2011. His debut album Jugg House is now set to drop this year.

Dolph's debut album King of Memphis dropped back in February via his imprint Paper Route Empire. The independent project doesn't have any features and peaked at No. 5 on Billboard's U.S. Hot Rap charts.

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