In just a little under a month, Slum Village's own Young RJ will drop his debut album, and when he does, fans can expect to hear plenty of quality tracks from the rap veteran. One of those songs on the album, titled Blaq RoyalT, is called "Motion," a new single featuring the ascendant Joyner Lucas and Statik Selektah.

The track finds RJ and Lucas reflecting on the importance of making moves, or in other words, remaining in "Motion." "Been in the mud, but I ain't never gon' stank/When I was there I said, 'I'm never gon' stay,'" RJ spits on the track.

With RJ's understated lyricism, Joyner's typical display of technical mastery and scratches from Selektah, there's really nothing to dislike about the new track. When you add in the person responsible for crafting the soulful beat, you realize what makes the track so dope.

"This joint was produced by Jay Dee a.k.a. J Dilla and myself with some additional help from Ice Pic," RJ tells XXL, first referring to the late J Dilla, who was an original member of Slum Village before his untimely death over 10 years ago. "I’d been sitting on this joint for a while and felt like now was the perfect time to release it."

Why'd RJ choose Joyner and Statik for this particular track? "I selected Joyner for this song because he's dope period, as a producer I always look at who will make the song better and felt like he does great, painting a picture in 16 bars," Young RJ tells us. "Statik always supported Slum Village and myself... plus I vibe with his music."

RJ, who attacked the ills of social media on his song "Huh?!" back in April, doesn't understate the importance of good scratches. "Statik laid great cuts to bring it back to the one on the beat, scratching the wrong word can throw of the whole record," he says.

Blaq RoyalT will drop on Oct. 10. Listen to "Motion" below.

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