After a breakout second half of 2017, Young Nudy continues with his musical rollout by dropping a new song for fans.

The Atlanta native delivers a new record called "No Deal," where he taps into his street smarts to share some profound wisdom with listeners. The Will-A-Fool-produced track provides a trap-infused instrumental that features some story-telling bars from Nudy.

"Moving in these streets, you gotta move like a mobster," the MC rhymes. "Niggas don't move like a mobster/Goons come and take your shit, they try to wipe you off, they'll rob you."

On top of dropping the new record, Nudy also recently releases the music video for his "Barbecue" song, where he gets intimate with some scantily-clad models at a cookout in an unknown neighborhood. Not only do the visuals feature some curvy women in most scenes, but viewers also get some shots of delicious food being handed out to all of those in attendance.

Nudy has made a huge mark on the rap game in the second half of the year, as his Nudy Land mixtape has received critical acclaim from the hip-hop community. Proving himself to be a skilled lyricist on the rise, the Southern spitter isn't stopping until he reaches his goals.

XXL spoke with Nudy back in September, where he expressed his desired accomplishments in music.

“I know for sure, when I go perform somewhere, I want it to be 20,000 people," he explains. "I want that shit to look crazy, mixed with everything. All types of people out there, I don’t give a damn, E.T. can come land in that thing and see me perform [laughs]. Outside of music, I’m going to shoot me a movie though."

Listen to Nudy's new "No Deal" record and check out the music video for "Barbecue" below.

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