Young Dolph follows up his Bulletproof album with a music video for the lead single "That's How I Feel" featuring Gucci Mane. The two rappers link up to enjoy the finer things in life and kick bombastic rhymes in this visual directed by Howard Ross.

“Own a big house and it's full of bad bitches/I'm just saying, can a young nigga live//2 million worth of cars parked in the front yard/But want another Rolls Royce, that's how I feel/For 100 shots, I heard you paid a 100 stacks/Hope you got your receipt, go and get your 100 back/For the new coupe, I paid 400 flat/Smash your baby mama, wow, then I sent her back/Sitting in the truck, smoking on a blunt/Then I realized, I think I hear somebody shooting/You think I'm going out like Pac and Biggie, you must be stupid/The millions keep calling my phone, and I'm headed straight to it,” Dolph raps on the opening verse.

Dolph's Bulletproof is another independent release, which has proven to be a winning formula for the rapper. Although the Memphis native is open to signing with major label, he is proud of his indie accomplishments. Dolph feels like he showed artists that there is no need to rush into inking a deal.

“They can look at me and be like, ‘Damn. We ain’t gotta be in a rush to sign a deal,’” Dolph said during an appearance on The Breakfast Club. “We might get hot first, and we can just go crazy. Have our structure right, have our whole business and everythang right and really get our money and be prepared for when it come. It’s different now. The whole game is different now. You gotta know how to take advantage of it.”

Watch Young Dolph's "That's How I Feel" video featuring Gucci Mane below.

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