Young Dolph is living the good life. That's a point that rings through loud and clear in the Memphis rapper's new video for "Kush On the Yacht," a visual that finds the artist popping bottles and taking in the sunshine as he reclines on a luxury yacht.

The video, which dropped Thurs., April 12, begins with Dolph and company fleeing a trap house as police approach the scene. In what's a pretty artful shot, the screen blacks out and it opens back up with another man trying to wake Dolph up. From the back, it looks as if he's pointing a gun at the rapper, but half a moment later, we see it's actually a bottle of champagne.

Shortly after waking up, we see Dolph soaking up all the good vibes, getting a lineup, dancing and laying up with a baddie. All together, it's safe to say he's having himself a good time. The song itself reflects similarly triumphant vibes, as Dolph puts on what's pretty much a clinic for flexing.

"I never changed for a bitch (uh-uh)/Got rich, still didn't switch (nah)/Might split a mil with the clique (yeah)/Fake love, I don't feel that shit (I hate that shit)/I spend a dub on a fit/Ayy come get your girl off my dick (ugh)/My shooting guards don't miss (nah)/I just pulled up in the six (hundred)/Fucked her and call her a Lyft (bitch)," Dolph spits on the first verse of the track.

"Kush On the Yacht" is one of several bangers on Dolph's Niggas Get Shot Everyday EP. Dolph takes no losses.

Watch his new video for "Kush On the Yacht" below. Peep his visual for "Paranoid" when you're done.

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