After serving an 18-month sentence on weapons charges, Young Buck was released from prison today, according to the rapper's Twitter account. The formerly G-Unit-affiliated rapper released a new track, "Rage," in September and recently skated $171,000 in debt in a bankruptcy case involving his former G-Unit associate 50 Cent. "I'm officially a free man!!!" he tweeted this morning.

Young Buck was serving an 18-month sentence for weapons charges. Last year he told XXL that he was hoping to move forward after his release. "My mindset moving forward is letting the past be the past," he said. "Don’t judge me behind what you think I am or what you thought I did or none of that. Pay attention to Buck because the man that I was yesterday ain’t the man that I am today."

XXL reached out to Young Buck's camp to confirm the accuracy of the Tweet but has yet to hear back as of press time. Check out the Tweet and a picture of a free Young Buck below: