YK Osiris is known for doling out life advice. Recently, the 2019 XXL Freshman told a 21-year-old man who was selling candy to get a job.

On Saturday (June 25), Instagram account @Trapanese Films posted a video of YK Osiris outside of a club in Los Angeles when a man approached him selling candy. The Def Jam artist asked him, “Why don’t you got no job,” to which the young man answered, “Because I’m a hustler.”

When YK asked the candy seller how old he was, he replied, “21.”

“You’re 21 and you are selling candy? That’s a shame, man,” YK said in disgust.

“Well, shit, give me a job then, since you're talking like that,” the young man responded, adding that he likes boxing and rapping.

“You got to get a job, though,” YK scoffed. “Get you a job.”

Watch the video below.

The clip has sparked some angry reactions from fans on social media. Some people felt that YK Osiris was wrong for talking down on a person who is trying to earn some money the legal way.

"I dislike niggas like @ykOsiris telling a 21 year old to get a job, nigga the man have a side hustle it’s not like he’s out here robbing people and etc," wrote one person Twitter.

Another person tweeted, "yk osiris telling a man selling candy 2 get a job while consecutively being in debt is why we go backwards as a nation."

In the past, YK Osiris’ advice on love and relationships have generated polarizing opinions from his fans on social media.

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