West Coast rapper YG Hootie takes you through the streets of Compton and the psyche of a young man influenced by his environment on Hubris, a 13-track album with features from Rayven Justice, Mayor Muddollaz, The Big Homie, and, of course, the incomparable Kendrick Lamar.

“Hubris is an ancient Greek term related to having too much pride, or ego; being defiant to God; arrogance and conceit,” YG Hootie said in a statement about the album. “Something we see in everyday life that as of lately is becoming more and more detrimental to society.”

"The City," a track that finds Hootie rapping alongside K. Dot once again, feels almost like a mission statement for the tone of an album about his neighborhood.

"My city be grindin', no fakin' (no fakin')/My city don't rock with them niggas hatin' (they be hatin')/I'm the one, I put the city on the billboard (billboard)/I'm the one, I got some hitters that'll kill for it (kill for it)/You know you don't want beef, we'll cook that (cook that)
You know it's a hundred bands in my bookbag (in my bookbag)," he spits on the opening verse.

Listen to Hubris below and cop it on iTunes.

YG Hootie's Hubris Tracklist

1. "Act One"
2. "Take Mine"
3. "The City" Feat. Kendrick Lamar
4. "December"
5. "My People" Feat. Rayven Justice
6. "Still Thuggin'"
7. "Alter"
8. "Take It Off" Feat. Mayor Muddollaz
9. "Can't Wait"
10. "Ain't Finna Play"
11. "Prezi"
12. "Anger"
13. "4 The G'z" Feat. The Big Homie

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2017 LEAP Industries / Empire

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