YG has been politically outspoken during this campaign cycle, dropping his anti-Donald Trump anthem "FDT" and getting censored by the government for it. Now he's providing a service to voters in Compton by way of free bagels.

YG's non-profit organization 4 Hundred Waze is teaming up with L.A. bagel truck Yeastie Boys to give out bagels to people after they vote in his hometown. Each bagel will be hand-rolled and dyed red; if you don't know why he picked that color, you don't listen to enough YG. Head over to Pitchfork to see pictures of the Blood bagels.

The bagels come soon after YG announced he's dropping a new mixtape called Red Friday on Nov. 25. He released a new single called "One Time Comin" that seems to be off that upcoming mixtape, and on the song he mourns victims of police brutality: "You think you hard with your badge, huh? Pop you a nigga, then you laugh, huh?/Think our life don't matter? 'Cause our family's scattered?"

At a recent show of his, YG also invited concertgoers up to the stage to take a whack at a Donald Trump piñata.

The free bagels in Compton will be available starting at 8 a.m. for as long as supplies last.

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