Fans won't be waiting long for YG's follow-up to Still Brazy. Last week, the Compton rapper announced he would be dropping a new mixtape. Now, Red Friday has a release date.

"RED FRIDAY MIXTAPE 11/25," YG wrote on Twitter today (Nov. 1).

It will be the Compton rapper's first mixtape in over three years. Back in Aug. 2013, he released Boss Yo Life Up Gang with Jeezy's CTE label, but by June of 2014 he'd decided, "NO MORE MUTHA FUCKIN MIXTAPES."

It should be interesting to see what direction YG takes on the new mixtape. His album featured a lot of sociopolitical content, most notably his "FDT" single. The anti-Donald Trump track was an anthem for a large group of Americans outraged by the Republican candidate's rhetoric.

"We speaking for a lot of people who are not really speaking up or they got nobody in no situation that’s really gonna put it all on the line for they race [and] they culture," he said. "We feel a similar way everybody else feels. We just took it on the chest. Like, ‘Look, This is what we about to do. We gonna speak on it.’ Fuck whatever consequences and all of that. We gonna deal with it.”

YG's recent material served as call to action. The rapper has been pushing for his fans to turn out the polls on election day (Nov. 8.).

“We trying to touch the people. We trying to motivate, get all the young people to vote,” YG said. “Go really take your time out and vote on who should be in office cause it’s important. If not, it could be all bad for us.”

YG's new mixtape will arrive, barring any strange occurrences, when the country knows who its next president will be. Don't be surprised if some commentary about United States' new commander-in-chief appears on the project. He dropped a new song a couple weeks ago called "One Time Comin" that looks to be off the tape. Watch the video below.

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