YFN Lucci is back with another anthem for his fan base, dropping "Street Kings" featuring Meek Mill.

For the new record, the Atlanta rapper recruits the Philadelphia native, who is currently incarcerated for violating his probation. The two exchange some intense bars about coming from nothing into success, and never calling off beefs.

"I've been on my young fly shit since a lil' jit, true shit/A whole lot of broomsticks what we move with," Lucci raps on the first verse. "Don't be jumping in shit you ain't got nothin' to do with/Sweep ya block like a hall sweep, y'all all sweet/Never been the type to call off beef, don't call me/Nigga talkin' 'bout he gon' off me, they lost me/They tryin' do me like Jesus, they tryin' cross me."

The "Whatever You Need" rapper hops on the second verse, where he matches the tone of Lucci's rhymes by spitting some fire about coming up with the same ones that rode for him when he was growing up.

"Shout out my niggas that stayed down/That's why they still with me I came up," Meek raps. "Got some money and look what they sayin' now/Bet they tell you them niggas, they stand up, I manned up/And I turned a dollar to a thousand, turned a thousand to a million, moved my mom's from public housing/Had to put her in that mansion, from the hood I got her hidin'/And they tell me that I'm losin', man you niggas fuckin' wildin'."

The new record from the "No Info" entertainer is slated to be off of his forthcoming Ray Ray from Summerhill album, which doesn't seem to have a slated release date just yet.

Take a listen to "Street Kings" below.

Warner Bros. Records
Warner Bros. Records

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