Ye Ali links up with Eric Bellinger for his latest single “Big Body Benz." The track is off Ali's forthcoming Passion & Patience EP, which is dropping later this month. "Big Body Benz" is produced by Bizness Boi and Th3ory.

"If you say no to me, just to know that/Ain't no tellin' what's gon' come with that/Tattooed my name deep inside yo heart/I wish you was around when I'm gone/When I'm out in my city, spendin' cash like I'm Diddy/Don't call me later on," Bellinger sings.

Ali, an Indiana native and now Los Angeles-based artist, adds to the songs allure: "I got a show in the valley/Let's work it out like pilates/Still writin' songs about you/Baby you know I'ma kiss it/I been on you for a long time/You know I been tryna kick it/Wish you'd really, think about it."

The single finds the two R&B singers crooning about a special ladies in their lives, using R. Kelly's 1995 hit single "You Remind Me of Something" as inspiration.

“We were discussing R. Kelly and once I heard the beat I said, 'You remind me of my Jeep,'" Ye Ali explained in a recent interview. “But instead of saying that, we said 'Big Body Benz.'"

Bump "Big Body Benz" below.

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