A little while back, it appeared that YBN Nahmir's "Rubbin Off The Paint" might follow in the footsteps of Tay-K's "The Race" and get subjected to an incalculable number of remixes. That hasn't quite happened yet, but Nahmir's now done his part to keep "The Race" alive by turning in his own version of the track.

First off, a little bit of background on Tay-K. The Dallas, Texas rapper is a 17-year-old currently locked up for a couple of murder charges. Last winter, he found himself fleeing from the law, and while on the run, he recorded a song and video about his experience trying to escape the police. He called it, "The Race," and now, the track's been remixed over a dozen times. Now, Nahmir's added himself to that list.

The new video, which is directed by KENXL, finds Nahmir and his friends toting guns in a basement before preparing to use them on an unsuspecting target. Throughout the track, Nahmir makes the same sorts of threats he did "Rubbin Off The Paint," squeezing in a gun reference every couple of bars.

"I'm a boss, I can't take no loss, but I'll take your life," he spits on the track. "If you talking, we pop up, we clapping/No need for that acting/Say my niggas in love with that action, tote pistols in traffic," he continues at another point of the freestyle.

Toward the end of the track, he also throws shots at those who would say he's been dissing Tay-K. Check out the track for yourself below.

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