Alabama youngster YBN Nahmir may have one of the hottest songs out right now. The 17-year-old upstart's "Rubbin Off The Paint" dropped back in August, but it already has over six million plays on YouTube right now and more than 3 million plays on SoundCloud. The record is produced by Swedish based producer Izak. Chris Brown recently co-signed the record and the internet is starting to catch on.

"They say Lil Nahmir where you been at? I'm just passin' a breeze/I been runnin' up a check, that's why these bitches on me/I been coolin', layin' low, but I'm not takin a seat/But just know a nigga back and this time I won't leave/I been runnin', runnin', runnin', gotta check me a bag/I got hunnids on my neck and I got Trues on my ass/Niggas said I'm goin broke, well I just take it and laugh/I be speedin in that foreign with Five-O on my ass," he raps.

Watch the video for "Rubbin Off The Paint" below.

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