YBN and Rich Forever Music connect. Today (March 21), the YBN Almighty Jay and Rich The Kid team up for their new song "Back Quick," and let's just say they leave their manners out of this particular affair. XXL's got the exclusive premiere.

The new track is an uptempo one that finds Jay and Rich taking threatening to take the girlfriends of lames around the world. Jay handles the hook on the song.

"I got a badass designer bitch look like she work at Saks Fifth/Got scammers using counterfeit that try to get the packs flipped/Chopper hit his body make a nigga do a backflip/Hardbody nigga, fuck your bitch and send her back quick," Jay spits on the hook for the track. His verse picks up right where the chorus leaves off.

"Train tracks, nigga get your chain back/Name jack, chopper blow your brains back/Clout-chasing ass nigga, get your fame back/Leg-shooting ass niggas, where your aim at?" Jay spits on the track.

Rich The Kid focuses more on flexing and seemingly references Blac Chyna, whom his wife has claimed he cheated with. "I get all kinda bread, sleep on all kinda spreads/The pussy was worse than Chyna head," the now platinum-selling artist spits on the track.

Rich's line is interesting for a few pretty obvious reasons. On one hand, it appears that he could be confirming that he has, indeed, had relations with Blac Chyna.  YBN Almighty Jay and Blac Chyna are reportedly dating. Needless to say, there's a lot going on there.

As odd as all of that might seem, Jay and Rich are obviously cool with one another. They just recorded their new song, which is the debut offering from Jay's forthcoming project.

"This is the first single off YNB Almighty Jay's mixtape produced by Hood Zone and featuring me," Rich tells XXL. "We recorded the song together in L.A. and teased yesterday on Instagram."

Check out "Back Quick" for yourself below. Be on the lookout for YBN Almighty Jay's mixtape.

Rich Forever Music
Rich Forever Music

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