In January, XXXTentacion revealed he and Joey Bada$$ were mulling the idea of collaborating on a song. Now, nearly two months later, the rappers finally unveil what they were working on. On Thursday night (March 8), Joey shared their newest track, "King's Dead (Freestyle)."

A remix of Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future and James Blake's "King's Dead" from the Black Panther soundtrack, the remix finds Joey and XXX going head-to-head as they showcase their rapid-fire flows. "I could die today, still leave a legacy/That you can't ever be/Put that on everything, this is my destiny/It was all meant to be, fuck is you tellin' me?" the Brooklyn rapper spits.

"Feelin' like a martian, nigga, grind, focus on mine/Never mind, foreign cars, Super Saiyan on a nigga/Find birds in the damn sky 'cause I'm damn fly," X raps before coming to an abrupt storp. "Ayy, ayy Joey, ayy Joey, I'm just, I'm just gon' stop rapping. I'm just gon' stop rapping right now, on this song," the rapper says, starting his next verse just seconds later.

In the following verse, XXXTentacion picks up the pace, speeding up his flow while throwing in a few video game and anime references. "Work, work, work, shout out to RiRi, ayy/Keep a blade on me like Sasuke, uh/Shout out my nigga, ImDontai, uh/Build to the pussy like Fortnite," X spits.

When it was first revealed that Joey and XXXTentacion may be collaborating, reactions from fans were mixed. Many fans of the Pro Era rapper questioned why he would be working with someone as controversial as X. But regardless of the Florida rapper's legal issues, other rappers such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar have given him props.

Listen to the "King's Dead (Freestyle)" below.

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