Chicago standout Supa Bwe connects with Xavier Ömar for "Up Right Now," a single off Bwe's upcoming album Finally Dead project that releases on Dec. 6. The track finds both artists rapping about why they are the man right now.

"Feel like it's my time, just wanna spend some with you/'Cause girl I'm up right now, let's grab this table for two/I'm countin' up right now, up up right now/I was down for a while, almost down for the count/But girl I'm up right now, you was down when I was down/I was down for a while, almost down for the count/I'm countin' up right now, right now," sings Supa Bwe on the hook.

Xavier bounces back between rapping and singing, "Tryna spend all of my time with you (countin' up)/I want one, I want two (countin' up)/Down for me, down for you/And I'm up right now, yeah/Fell in love right now, hella trust now, yeah."

The great thing about Supa Bwe—who has collaborated with some of the biggest names in Chicago right now such as Chance The Rapper, Twista, Mick Jenkins and Taylor Bennett—is that he blends so many genres together.

"I would call my sound a conglomerate of English 'fuck you' dystopian punk, Rick James’ cold blooded, 'I’m going to do my cocaine and smack you about it,' and Prince’s ambiguous individuality," Supa Bwe explains through email. "I pull champion traits from champions."

Bump "Up Right Now" below.

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