Woah Vicky has taken her beef with Bhad Bhabie to wax.

Less than 24 hours after the pair brawled in an Atlanta studio, Vicky dropped "Went Out Bad, Bhabie" on Wednesday (Oct. 30). On the track, Vicky insinuates that the viral star-turned-rapper is not from Florida like she claims and also appears to poke fun at the fact that Bhabie tattooed Youngboy Never Broke Again's name on her hand.

"Let's talk about all the cum that you drunk for fame/They sent you out the back door, you still inked the name," raps Vicky, who says the fight transpired as she was in an Atlanta recording studio to work on a song with Lil Gotit. "Say you from Florida but that's cap, talking 'bout some West Palm/Hit you with this east fist, smack you with this west palm!"

The pair came to blows the night before (Oct. 29), apparently after Bhad Bhabie showed up to a studio that Woah Vicky was recording at with Lil Gotit. Apparently Vicky was once romantically linked to Lil Gotit by her own admission, and she also claims Bhad Bhabie dated him as well, which could be the reason the fight began. While video of the incident shows Vicky on top of her, Bhabie later claimed that Vicky didn't land any punches and that her security unfairly intervened.

"Why you don't just pull up with no dudes ... nobody holding nobody back lol have fun editing your video😂😂," Bhad Bhabie wrote on her Instagram Story. "You live for the internet talking i anit [sic] doing nun of that yk where u b pull up like I did show me u bold my dudes anit [sic] gon hold shit back. Y'all see shorty holding my hair throwing and missing what are y'all tryna prove you see dude holding us back 😂😂 I told her pull up where I'm at with by herself and she won't!"

Previously, the pair nearly brawled at The Americana at The Brand in Glendale, Calif. back in April 2018.

Watch Vicky explain her side of the fight below.

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