Back in February, OVO Sound Radio premiered a new WizKid and Drake collaboration by the name of "Hush Up the Silence." A little over a month later, WizKid has offered up an official version of the song, with the new title, "Come Closer."

The track sees WizKid and his "One Dance" collaborator float over a smooth, island-inspired instrumental that meshes perfectly with their vocals. The two also sound more than a little comfortable on the same track, which makes sense, considering this is at least the third time they've collaborated.

WizKid handles the first verse on the track, singing with the swagger that helped make him a star. In the first verse the Nigerian singer belts out, "Came into the game, no one replace me/Me love my Hennessy straight with no chaser/All of my guys know me all about me paper/Me got me girls all around me, me no chaser, yah."

For his part, Drizzy delivers one of his typical verses about distrust and the perils of extreme success. He could be singing about someone specific in his verse, but these are also the sort of themes he's always tackled in all of his music.

On the verse, Drizzy sings, "Too mix up in drama to go outside/Too mix up in drama to free my mind/Jealous people around me, I need to change my life/I just turn colder every time I try."

You can check out "Come Closer" for yourself below.

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