Wiz Khalifa has long credited Max B as being one of his main influences but the two were unfortunately never able to appear on a track together since Max was locked up by the time Wiz started his rise to superstardom. Thanks to technology, Max B's hard drives and Dame Grease's production, we finally get the Wiz and Charly Wingate collab we've been waiting for in the form of "Silver Surfer."

Wavie Crockett kicks off the track with a wobbly, mumbling harmony before handing the mic to Khalifa. Clearly not taking his time with Max for granted, Wiz knocks out a dope verse then steps aside for Joe Young and Alpac to close the joint out.

Wiz recently sat down with Genius' Rob Markman to talk about Biggavelli's career and influence while breaking down the lyrics to Max's "Why You Do That." With a joint in hand, the Pittsburgh native explains the Harlem native's relationship with Jim Jones and the impact and legacy he's had despite never landing a major record deal.

"I feel like his situation was real complex," Wiz said. "The situation with him and Jim got real business wise. I'm a huge Dipset fan so I never let that divide who I was riding with, I could totally enjoy both...I feel like the reality of that situation had a lot do with what was going on. [Labels] knew he had it, especially when he was focused and not dealing with the legal stuff...Max was one of the greats."

In 2009, Max was sentenced to 75 years in prison after being found guilty on murder conspiracy and robbery charges. Despite the incarceration, his name has been kept alive in hip-hop and the rapper is experiencing a bit of a career renaissance in 2016 thanks to his brief appearance on Kanye West's The Life of Pablo and a joint mixtape with French Montana where Max is given hosting duties.

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