In case you were nowhere near Twitter today, hip-hop beef was heavy. Kanye West went at Wiz Khalifa in a series of tweets, which ridiculed the "Bake Sale" rhymer for criticizing 'Ye's album name, Waves. Even though Wiz kept his cool, responding with just two tweets clarifying his statement, Twitter went crazy over the online antics and chose sides of which rapper won the short-lived (and now mostly deleted) tweet beef.

As a part of the rant, Kanye went after Wiz's personal style, coming up with the hashtag #wizwearscoolpants. It's clear Kanye got the idea for his jab from Wiz's Twitter avi, in which the Pittsburgh rapper rocks tight white jeans. Although this was a random low blow, the hashtag caught steam online instantly.

Looking back through Wiz's fashion catalog, the tall, slim rapper has a history of sporting tight outfits. As one of rap's fashion forward MCs, the Khalifa creator regularly pairs sneakers with suits and primped up haute couture with streetwear and an "IDGAF" attitude. So even though 'Ye may have meant his "cool pants" remark as a sarcastic insult, it turns out Wiz does actually rock cool pants. Good one, 'Ye.

And in the midst of all of this silly Twitter beef, let's remember what matters most: the music. After he finished his rant, Kanye announced he was going back to work on Waves, which is due out Feb. 11. Wiz is currently doing shows overseas and gearing up for the release of his newest album, Khalifa, due out Feb. 5.

Take a look at Wiz Khalifa's many cool pants in the gallery above.