When you get your paper right, you're allowed to talk that talk as Kanye West so memorably put it. And now that WillThaRapper signed a deal with Republic Records earlier this year, he's been ready to fire on all cylinders to do just that. Today, he shows the world what he's been working on since the label announcement with his track "Bands Up."

For the production, WillThaRapper teamed up with fellow DMV artist Aaron LaCrate. Aaron also founded and runs the clothing brand Milkcrate Athletics. He lays down a menacing beat with a flurry of samples. You might want to keep this song on your next Halloween playlist.

The high energy in the production complements WillThaRapper's resolution on the mic. While he does cover expected topics, he raps about them in entertaining and quotable ways: "I keep this .40 on me/That bitch could dissolve a hater/I walk with stacks like my pockets filled with college papers" and "Can't trust no bitch/They use the same lips for dick and gossip." He also provides catchy ways to remember advice: No friends. No losses. Just bosses.

The 20-year-old D.C. rapper has been supplying the streets with raps as well throughout the year, dropping the collaborative project Khristmas in February and several new singles since then. WillThaRapper started building national attention in November of 2015 when he released "Pull Up Hop Out." Wale helped to take the song to a new level as well when he rapped over the beat for his own freestyle.

You can listen to "Bands Up" below.

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