Will Tha Rapper is a Washington, D.C. artist starting to make some noise. One of his tracks gaining momentum is "Pull Up Hop Out" produced by FilthyRichBeats. The song originally appeared on Will's Street Runner mixtape, which dropped back in December.

"Pull Up Hop Out" gets a renewed push thanks to this new music video. The visual gives viewers a glimpse at the D.C. streets while Will raps about the dire circumstances in his hometown.

"It's time to let these niggas know/Where I'm from, niggas killing over clothes/Them bitches trading up they goals for some dough/They'll set a nigga up, set they niggas up, anyone they know/For a come up, get they funds up to get any kind of dough," Will raps.

Will is living in Maryland now, but he is still dealing with a lot of the same issues. The rapper told Noisey that things might even be worse in Maryland.

"I'm from Southeast D.C. but now I live in Maryland. There are hoods everywhere that ain't different from the city," Will said. "The D.C. line is only four minutes away. It might be worse in Maryland because niggas act like they have a point to prove so they go harder than niggas in the city. Maryland hoods got fake people, real people, murderers, and people that struggle. The struggle is the same struggle just like every other hood."

Hopefully Will's music can bring him success. Some monetary gains could help make things better for him and his people.

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