Earlier this year, New York City rapper Wiki dropped a collab EP with Coney Island MC Your Old Droog called What Happened to Fire? Now he's back with brand new solo music in visual form. Watch his new video for "Icarus" below.

Produced by Rob Mack, the moody song is one of Wiki's best in awhile and some of the first music we've heard from him since his 2015 solo project Lil Me. The visual, also directed by Wiki, finds him wandering through what looks like Central Park with a cane, eventually coming upon some friends drinking 40s around a table.

Wiki was once a part of RatKing, though the fate of that group hangs in the balance. In June of last year, Hak revealed he had left the trio, though XL said RatKing was still signed to the label as a group. We'll have to wait and see if Wik and Sporting Life ever release another project together under the group moniker.

For now, peep Wik's dope new track below. Hopefully he's got another solo project on the way—or at least a Secret Circle project with Antwon and Lil Ugly Mane.

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