If there's an upside to all of these Superhead books being released, it's that it gives the lie to this idea that rappers unfairly portray the women in our communities as a bunch of bitches and hoes. If that isn't the case, then how to explain so many of them trying to make a career out of sucking these rappers' dicks?

Meanwhile, I don't see anything like that going on in, say, rock music, or pop music, or country music. Hmm...

And keep in mind, those are just the ones that got a book deal out of that shit. Which, you'd have to think, is the extreme minority. You can hardly go on the Internets these days without reading about shit like Young Joc's baby's mother lying about him being late on child support payments, probably so she can extract some more money out of him; and Lisa Raye trying to make it seem as if Michael Misick is some insane, wife-beating rapist, so she can stick him for a hefty divorce settlement.

If anything, I'd say it's a testament to the love us black men have for black women (and note that I'm including myself in that) that hip-hop isn't even more misogynistic than it is.

The most recent couple of instances of women in our community trying to make a career out of sucking a rapper's dick have been particularly bothersome to me, personally, even though I didn't really have much to do with either of them. I just find them that disgusting.

First of all, branching off from yesterday's story about how the overhaul of the Source is probably gonna end up about as well as the overhaul of BET, it's been revealed this week that Kim Osorio, the former editor in chief of the Source, really did go down on 50 Cent, just like Fiddy said she did way back when.

In fact, I kinda figured this was true all along. I believe I wrote here, back when a settlement was reached in her sexual harassment suit with Dave Mays and Ray Benzino, that the fact that they were only found guilty of firing her in retaliation for filing a complaint, and not of any actual sexual harassment, probably meant it was true what Ray Benzino had been saying about her in interviews.

Still, who knew she'd actually cop to it? My guess is that the publishers of her new Superhead book must have insisted. And, as I mentioned in my post on this mess the other day on my own site, she probably needed the money, since I doubt Dave Mays and Ray Benzino actually have $8 million dollers to pay her, and since I know her job now is blogging for one of these hip-hop sites.

Which is no way to make a living. Believe me.

Would I take any amount of money to have it be widely known that, while I was the editor in chief of a rap magazine, I was sucking the dicks of the same rappers I was writing about? No, but you guys know I'm firm in my principles like that. Nhjic.

The sad thing is, you know, thanks to the pervasiveness of political correctness in hip-hop (don't let anyone convince you to the contrary), no one would have actually believed that she licked 50 Cent's balls, if she didn't say so herself.

You guys probably already saw where, yesterday, whoever it was that did the post on the XXL staff blog confirmed that Osorio does reveal in the book that she had relations with Fiddy Cent and also Nas.

In addition to that, Fiddy Cent himself has weighed in on the issue. Bonus! In a post over on ThisIsFiddy, he claims that, not only did Kim Osorio lick his balls, but that it set her on the road to the riches.

And I quote:

"I messed with Kim a while ago, she licked on my balls before the deal...when they weren't worth much. She licked my balls once and now shes a star. I got some advice for all aspiring women journalists, it may not make the best sellers list, but lick my balls and you are on the road to the riches!!"


Serves her right.

Perhaps even worse is the revelation, in a new book by Biggie's widow, Faith Evans, that she was the town bicycle, even while she was married to him, though she's pretty adamant about the fact that she never fucked 2Pac.

In an excerpt published on Miss Info's blog yesterday, we learn that 2Pac tried to fuck her by letting her sing on one of his songs and then telling her to come to his hotel room to pick up the check. Then, when she got there, he tried to coerce her into having sex with him.

Which, personally, I don't have a hard time believing - though I guess we'll never know whether or not she's telling the truth about how she refused, what with 2Pac being dead and all. But it does seem to fit my general view of 2Pac.

I think a lot of women, because 'Pac had rock-solid abs and a charismatic personality (if only he could rap better!), have conveniently failed to realize that 2Pac spent time in prison for participating in a gang rape. That's the kind of guy he was. Snoop Dogg, meanwhile, I think is much more detested amongst feminist types.

My main concern, though, is the part where she talks about all of the other guys she was banging while she was married to Biggie - the idea being, she may have let a lot of niggas run up in it, but she knew better than to get with 2Pac. (Which just goes to show the type of logic employed by these hoo-ers.)

Beyond just the inevitable sting you feel when you find out a fellow man has been cuckolded like that, I was faced with the realization that Faith Evans probably only got with Biggie in the first place because she knew there might be some money in it, when, all along, I just figured she was a connoisseur of fine MCing.

I suppose this should have been obvious to me all along. But there used to be a part of me that thought that I could succeed with a woman based on who I am, not what I have to offer a woman materially. Clearly, I was mistaken. I mean, if it happened to Biggie, what hope do I have, really?

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