By now, everyone who’s a citizen of the World Wide Web knows that Raekwon will be on the remix to Justin Bieber’s “Runaway Love” with Kanye West, an unexpected pairing brought forth by the powers of Twitter.

Question is, what surprising pop sensation will be joining The Chef in the kitchen next? Well, we recently chopped it up with the Wu-Tang rhyme slayer and it seems as if he’s got the right utensils [II] to jump in the booth with just about anyone.

“Let’s be straight up. Number one, you know I love all kinds of music,” says Raekwon. “When you think of the Chef, you think of somebody that knows how to cook and cook various dishes, so I couldn’t really sit here and say that I wouldn’t be up to do anything because I know at the end of the day it’s gonna be hot. Anything I touch is gonna be hot. I don’t care if I go through a record with a Mexican man from wherever, you know what I mean?”

Excluding the random Mexican, Rae gave XXL a long list of artists, both alive and dead, that he would love to work with. Take a peep at Shallah’s menu, and vote for which dish you wanna taste the most below. But keep this quote from Rae in mind when ordering: “When you look at the Chef, you can put me in any sauce and I have my ingredients and it’s gonna taste like what it’s supposed to taste like.”

Cast your vote below. Let's hope the magic hands of the Internet can put these two artists together as well.—Jesse Gissen