I can't relate to too many MC's out there.

It's a nice bonus when I do, but at the end of the day I could care less as long as the music is good. Coming from a different walk of life doesn't absolutely mean you won't be able to understand what the artist is talking about. My short criminal career consists of stealing upper deck basketball cards and soda cans at neighborhood corner stores. I never hustled (drugs) a day in my life. Still, I can appreciate a nice Freddie Foxxx or Jadakiss verse just as much as Kanye's.

Speaking of Kanye. He and Andre 3000 are just about the only cats I can relate to. "Act like you ain't took a bath with your cousins/Fit three in the bed while six of ya'll/I'm talkin' bout three by the head and three by the leg," he offered on "Family Business" off The College Dropout. I swore Ye was talking about the Chery's in that verse. As for 3 Stacks, the brother just be in my head sometimes. I listen to his verses only to hear lines rooted in something I recently said in a conversation. Me and my boys had been called them long ass T's night gowns. I also see where Dre is coming from in his relationship verses.

And then there's Nas. In his case, it's not that I to be "having dreams of being a gangsta." But when he spits, "crews without guns are goners/in broad day light, stick up kids, they run up on us." I just remember that time so clearly. The beauty of Nas' line is that though it spoke of a change of the guard in the big apple, it wasn't necessarily NYC specific. I'm sure brothers in other parts of the country and possibly the world, were going through similar transitions at the time. I spent most of my Illmatic summer on the road during a basketball camp, but ended my summer in NY before a stop in Montreal. Both cities were going through the same thing. Before then, you had a problem with somebody, you knuckled up and that was that. But suddenly, fighting somebody meant you had to worry about them possibly coming back with a freakin' gun.

So, what MCs do you guys relate to the most and why? I'm going with Ye, 3G and Nas.--Jackpot

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