What’s The Based God going to say when he crosses paths with a rap god? Well, with Kanye West and Lil B set to rock the stage at the popular Coachella music festival in April there is a chance that this two unique rap personalities will bump into each other. And after Lil B tweeted "If Kanye West Doesnt Acknowledge Me Over Twitter And Work With Me On Music, When i see him im going to fuck him in the ass" back in October 2010, one could only imagine what might go down when these two meet.

Using the two rapper's widely entertaining Twitter timelines XXLMag.com cooked up a dream conversation between 'Ye and the Basegod backstage at Coachella. Real talk.

Lil B: I’m the Basegod I’m better then America…

Kanye West: “Power,” “Runaway,” “Hell of a Life,” “Monster,” “Jesus Walks,” “Flashing Lights,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” “Ham,”…I’m just thinking of my Coachella set list.

Lil B: Rawest rapper in the game.

Kanye West: ”All of the Lights,” “Heartless,” “Love Lockdown,” “Diamonds,” “Golddigger,” “Touch The Sky,” “Good Life,” “Stronger,” “Dark Fantasy,” “Lost In A World,” “Through the Wire,”.....

Lil B: I just want you to know who I am.

Kanye West: ”Blame Game,” “Spaceships,” “Al Fals Down,” “Paranoid,” “Amazing,” “Streetlights,” “Run This Town,” “Homecoming,” “Devil In A New Dress.” I'm just thinking out loud.

Lil B: Do “Welcome To Heartbreak” Off 808s. Bless u!

Kanye West: Never put me in a box.

Lil B: Bless your heart I will be performing at Coachella and watching you live, my year will be made.

Kanye West: I am a creative person.... I'm not a good celebrity but I'm a great artist... I'm tired of using my celebrity to sell my art.

Lil B: This haterism going on in the world making me sick.

Kanye West: You have to balance ignorance with intellect! Can't have school with out recess!

Lil B: My supporters be so swagged up its so funny and legendary to see my sold out shows and see the love and how we are alike!

Kanye West: Some people's truth is Kanye is racist... It's not my truth but I do believe it's my Karma.... walk with me...

Lil B: FUCK AMERICA... fuck TV... and fuck people that judge u will pay.

Kanye West: Can we please toast to the muthfuckin douchebags tonight!!!