New York City is the home of hip-hop, and there will always be rappers who put their spin on the art form's origins. Enter The Bronx rapper We$tide Parlé, whose brand of rap is modern, while still retaining the grittiness of past eras. His latest offering is the video for "Pay Ya$elf First," all about being fiscally responsible and smart when you're in the mix of the streets.

The video, directed by FCK THEM, opens with Parlé making an exchange, only to get eyeballed and chased by an undercover cop. The video cuts to his home, surrounded by the rest of his crew. He then voyages through NYC, with a twerking girl in tow. He makes it rain on her on subway escalators, in the Manhattan streets, everywhere, really. Interspersed are scenes of Parlé still running from the cop, trying to escape the long arm of the law. You'll have to check it out to see if he makes it.

Westside Parlé is just trying to stay focused; more money is all that matters. "Bitch don't throw me out my zone, that shit ain't addin' up/ Last time I went broke, that shit was bad enough," he rhymes, trying to shut out all distractions. "I ain't going back, oh no, I started swaggin up."

West$ide's other video, "4 Oz. Pour Up," is far more somber. A ski-masked up Parlé emotionally raps about a woman in his life, and the trials and tribulations that come with dating. The video is short and to the point, and is co-directed by Parlé himself and Adam A. Filmz.

While the two newer videos are dark, Parlé is no stranger to that type of feel in his videos. His early 2018 visual for "Tech Inna Freeze Cup" and May 2017's "Late Intro" both show the darker side of the city, where you have to built for it in order to survive it.

Catch the "Pay Ya$self First" and "4 Oz. Pour Up" videos below.

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