A Boogie might be the biggest star out of Highbridge right now, but Bronx rapper We$tside Parlé is making a ton of noise too. Earlier this year he dropped his "06 Jeezy" record, and how he's back with a dark, lyrical new record called "Late Intro" featuring Six7. Watch the video below.

"This is not your regular introductory song," Parlé says of the track. "The verse just gives you a glimpse of my state of mind, of what was supposed to be the intro for my project. As time progressed, I organized the final tracklist more, I no longer wanted this to be the intro. Instead, I opted to move it to track No. 12, re-titled "The Late Intro." I've been slept on for a while, in many different ways. I've had projects delayed due to life circumstances, but here I am now, geared up and ready. Excuse my tardiness but here's my Late Intro."

A month or two back, we got the opportunity to hear Parlé's upcoming mixtape Heart of the Hallway, and we'll tell you this—if you've been waiting for a lyricist out of the BX, you're gonna want to hear that tape when it drops.

Watch the video for "Late Intro" below and peep the "06 Jeezy" visual after that.

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